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Academy of Thought and Industry at East Village


New York

New York


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Private School

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Grade 6 - 8


Offers a distinctive educational experience that blends the Montessori approach with real-world applications, targeting middle and high school students. It fosters an environment where students not only learn but also apply their knowledge in practical ways, such as running campus-wide businesses or embarking on internships in fields like healthcare, government, and the arts. Each student is supported through a personalized journey, which includes one-on-one coaching to aid in their academic and personal development. This coaching is designed to cultivate self-worth, self-efficacy, and the ability to navigate the transition to adulthood with confidence. Furthermore, the curriculum encourages entrepreneurial spirit and internships, allowing students to start their own businesses or gain practical experience in their field of interest. This approach ensures that students are not just academically prepared but also ready to thrive in real-life situations, promoting a sense of independence and community engagement

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