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Achievement First Aspire Charter School



New York


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Public School

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Kindergarten - Grade 8


They offer a nurturing environment for students from kindergarten through 4th grade. Focused on instilling a lifelong passion for learning, the school equips young learners with essential knowledge and social skills. They offer band and chess as enrichment activities, and there's also a school chess team for extracurricular engagement?. It aims to cultivate a love of learning with a focus on foundational success in a safe, enriching setting. The school provides unique opportunities for students to engage in art, film, and physical education, and every eight weeks, students embark on extended community expeditions that culminate in an exhibition or performance?. For those in the higher grades, Achievement First Brooklyn High School offers a rigorous academic and extracurricular program, aiming for 100% college acceptance. Located in the Crown Heights neighborhood, the students' education with challenging courses, SAT prep, intensive college counseling, and tutoring. Extracurriculars include a wide range of sports, arts, and clubs, ensuring students grow not only academically but also as individuals and community members

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