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Brooklyn Green School



New York


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Public School

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Grade 6 - 8


A vibrant middle school that emphasizes eco-activism and social leadership alongside academic excellence. This unique institution offers a curriculum rich in project-based learning, where scholars engage in activities like the Engineering Design Process to address environmental and societal issues. Their mission revolves around cultivating joy and critical thinking in every classroom, preparing students to be agents of change. The school provides a broad range of courses, including humanities, math, science, and health education, each integrated with real-world applications and designed to foster inquiry, innovation, and personal growth. Additionally, the school offers a variety of electives and enrichment courses such as yoga, urban agriculture, violin, robotics, and debate team, emphasizing a holistic approach to education. Through this comprehensive educational framework, students are equipped to read, write, study, reason, question, and advocate effectively, embodying the school�s core values of responsibility, academic excellence, and eco-activism.

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