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Brooklyn Heights Montessori School



New York


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Private School

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PreK - Grade 8


At Brooklyn Heights Montessori School, young learners embark on a journey of curiosity-driven education, supported by a dynamic blend of rigorous academics and enhanced problem-solving skills. This educational environment fosters a sense of empowerment among students of all ages, preparing them for success in future academic pursuits and global challenges. With a focus on Montessori principles, the school cultivates a love for independent learning and critical thinking through an engaging curriculum. Emphasizing diversity and inclusivity, the school creates a nurturing space where students can be themselves and develop into thoughtful, confident citizens. The Montessori Preschool Program specifically offers a three-year cycle of learning for children ages three to six, emphasizing order, coordination, concentration, and independence, preparing them for more advanced concepts in a mixed-age setting that fosters leadership and collaborative learning.

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