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Domino Park



New York


Type of Establishment:


Detailed Type:

Public Park, Variety - Sports

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School Holiday:


All ages


Has a unique blend of leisure and historical exploration for all ages. Built on the site of the former Domino Sugar Refinery, this 5-acre public park is a tribute to the refinery's legacy, featuring salvaged factory equipment and materials throughout its design. Families will enjoy the imaginative playground, where elements of the sugar refining process are playfully interpreted using materials reclaimed from the refinery. Visitors can also stroll along the elevated walkway for panoramic views, relax by the programmable fountain and seating steps, or engage in a variety of activities including beach volleyball, bocce, and enjoying the open playing field. For a bite to eat, Tacocina offers a selection of tacos, snacks, and drinks in a vibrant setting within the park

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