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Great Oaks Elementary School



New York


Type of Establishment:


Detailed Type:

Private School

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Kindergarten - Grade 8


A private non-denominational Christian educational institution that has been nurturing young minds since 1993. Catering to students from kindergarten through 8th grade, Great Oaks is dedicated to fostering a supportive and Christ-centered educational environment. The school stands out for its commitment to promoting lifelong learning through Christian values, combined with a rich curriculum that is aligned with New York State and City educational standards. The curriculum emphasizes academic and cultural literacy, physical fitness, and appreciation for the arts, aiming to develop well-rounded individuals. Furthermore, the school is unique for its diverse faculty, which brings a wealth of cultural perspectives and teaching styles, enriching the educational experience for all students. Admissions into Great Oaks require an interview and testing to ensure the best placement and learning path for each child, highlighting the school's dedication to meeting the individual needs of its students.

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