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Hannah Senesh Community Day School



New York


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Private School

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Kindergarten - Grade 8


Provides a co-educational, K-8 learning environment that blends academic excellence with a deep-rooted Jewish heritage, welcoming students from a spectrum of Jewish backgrounds. Established in 1995, the school is celebrated for its commitment to fostering a strong moral compass, social responsibility, and intellectual curiosity among its diverse student body. At Hannah Senesh, education goes beyond the traditional curriculum; it's enriched with critical thinking and open-inquiry, underpinned by a dual curriculum of general and Judaic studies. The school prides itself on creating a genuine sense of community where students thrive academically and personally, embodying the school's values in and beyond the classroom. Small class sizes ensure personalized attention, nurturing students� potential and preparing them for future academic challenges, including entry into some of New York City's most competitive high schools?

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