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Hyde Leadership Charter School - Brooklyn



New York


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Public School

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Kindergarten - Grade 8


Nurtures students from K-5 to 6-7 grades through a distinctive educational approach that intertwines rigorous academic programs with profound character development. Their mission focuses on unveiling each student's unique potential and deeper character by engaging not just the students, but their families as well, in a comprehensive educational journey. This involves a curriculum aligned with the Common Core, incorporating EngageNY Modules for English Language Arts, enVisions Math, and Inquiry Science, alongside enriching programs in Visual Arts, Fitness, Dance, Music, and Technology. The school's philosophy extends beyond mere academic achievements to include the cultivation of life skills like responsibility, empathy, self-control, and self-discovery, underpinned by Hyde�s Five Words and Principles. Hyde Leadership Charter School commits to fostering an environment where the development of personal character and academic excellence go hand in hand, aiming for each student to not only excel academically but also become a well-rounded individual?

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