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Imagine Early Learning Centers



New York


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Daycare, Early Childhood Program

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Ages 2 months to 9 years old


A childcare program that focuses on health, safety, and fostering a love of learning in a fun environment. Their mission is to create a welcoming space where children, families, and teachers can all learn, grow, and have fun together. Imagine offers a variety of programs designed for different age groups, along with enrichment programs to provide a well-rounded learning experience. Some of the things children learn at Imagine Early Learning Centers include colors, shapes, sharing, playing cooperatively with others, exploring the world around them, and developing good character traits. Parents of children who attend Imagine Early Learning Centers frequently comment on the caregivers' attentiveness, mentioning how they treat the children as if they were part of their own family. Additionally, parents are impressed by how much their children learn beyond the typical preschool curriculum.

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