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Kipp Always Mentally Prepared Charter School



New York


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Public School

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Kindergarten - Grade 8


Part of the KIPP NYC network, creates an environment where students are nurtured to grow both academically and personally towards a more just world. With a comprehensive approach from kindergarten, KIPP NYC makes a remarkable 20-year commitment to its students, focusing on preparing them for a wide range of educational and career paths that align with their goals and aspirations?. Their curriculum emphasizes STEM education, preparing students for future higher education and careers in in-demand fields, ensuring they are equipped to be informed, responsible stewards of our world?. Health and wellness are also central, with initiatives like nutritious meal programs and mental health services to support students' physical and emotional wellbeing?. This approach is underpinned by a deep commitment to equity, providing culturally responsive education and ongoing professional development in race and equity for staff?.

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