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Little Me Daycare Center



New York


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Babies 6 weeks to kids 5 years old


A daycare center that caters to infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. They prioritize the safety, cleanliness, and nurturing care of the little ones. Their curriculum focuses on different aspects of a child's development depending on their age group. For infants, they prioritize emotional education to nurture vital social and emotional skills. Their toddler program helps toddlers learn and grow through play-based activities, while their preschool program is geared towards getting the children ready for kindergarten. What makes Little Me Daycare Center special is their commitment to providing a safe and engaging environment for children, with a focus on warmth, care, and inclusivity. This means you can be assured that your child will feel loved and supported while learning and growing at Little Me Daycare Center.

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