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M.S. 915 Bridges



New York


Type of Establishment:


Detailed Type:

Public School

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6th to 8th Middle school


A middle school devoted to fostering a diverse and equitable learning environment for students in grades 6 through 8. Emphasizing exploration, creativity, and civic engagement, the school aims to cultivate a strong sense of agency and social responsibility among its students. Its mission is anchored in supporting the comprehensive development of each student, including intellectual, artistic, moral, emotional, social, and physical aspects. Unique to M.S. 915, the school offers an extensive after-school program provided by the Community Counseling & Mediation For Youth Initiative (CCM-FYI) at no cost, thanks to grant funding. This program includes a variety of activities ranging from art, dance, music, sports, to creative writing and more, underlining the school's commitment to holistic education?.

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