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Mount Prospect Park



New York


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Public Park, Variety - Sports

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All ages


Showcases its unique position as the second highest point in the borough, offering breathtaking panoramic views of Manhattan, Brooklyn, New York Harbor, Staten Island, Long Island, and even parts of New Jersey. Its historical significance as a lookout point for the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War adds to its charm, providing visitors with a tangible link to the past. The park's landscape is further enhanced by the presence of a reservoir built in 1856, showcasing a blend of natural beauty and historical architecture. Additionally, Mount Prospect Park provides modern amenities such as dog-friendly areas, playgrounds, public restrooms, and spray showers, making it a versatile destination catering to both leisure and practical needs. Its location at Eastern Pkwy. between Underhill Ave. and Washington Ave. adds to its accessibility and allure, making it a must-visit destination within Brooklyn's diverse landscape.

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