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Msgr. McGolrick Park



New York


Type of Establishment:


Detailed Type:

Public Park, Variety - Sports

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School Holiday:


All ages


Located in the heart of Greenpoint, Brooklyn, offers a tranquil and serene retreat amidst the urban hustle. Unlike its bustling neighbor, McCarren Park, McGolrick Park is celebrated for its calm ambiance and dog-friendly atmosphere. The park's charm lies in its mature trees that provide ample shade, making it an ideal spot for relaxation on hot summer days. Visitors can explore the park's rich history through its central pavilion dating back to 1910 and monuments honoring local heroes and historic events, such as the building of the USS Monitor. Families with children can enjoy the gated play area featuring swings, spray showers, and imaginative climbing structures, while ample seating invites moments of quiet contemplation. Whether strolling through the Sunday farmer's market, allowing pets to roam freely, or simply seeking solace in nature, Msgr. McGolrick Park offers a unique sanctuary for all who visit.

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