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Nehemiah Park



New York


Type of Establishment:


Detailed Type:

Public Park, Variety - Sports

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School Holiday:


All ages


Holds a special significance as it's named after the nearby Nehemiah Houses, a pioneering housing development renowned for its innovative methods in constructing affordable housing for both renters and homeowners. This community-driven initiative serves as a national model, reflecting the park's commitment to fostering inclusive and sustainable neighborhoods. Inspired by the biblical figure Nehemiah, known for rebuilding Jerusalem, the park symbolizes resilience and community empowerment. In addition to its meaningful namesake, Nehemiah Park offers essential facilities including handball courts, playgrounds, and spray showers, catering to the recreational needs of residents and visitors alike. Its location at the intersection of Watkins St., Mother Gaston Blvd., Livonia Ave., and Riverdale Ave. further underscores its importance as a central hub within the vibrant borough of Brooklyn.

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