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Ring Around The Rosie Pre School


New York

New York


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Ages 2 to 6 years old


Focuses on fostering emotional and social development by encouraging children to develop self-confidence, self-expression, and self-discipline. They've garnered positive feedback from parents who praise the dedication of the staff and the nurturing environment of the preschool. The curriculum aims to improve and expand children's cognitive abilities, including their capacity to think, reason, and articulate their thoughts clearly. Additionally, the school prioritizes helping children improve their interpersonal skills, ensuring they can cooperate and get along with others. Physical development is also a key focus, with activities designed to enhance coordination, balance, and fine motor skills through walking, running, jumping, hopping, skipping, climbing, balancing, bending, stooping, twisting, and stretching. These activities are tailored to help children control their bodies during various activities, supporting comprehensive development in a caring and supportive setting.

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