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William Sheridan Playground



New York


Type of Establishment:


Detailed Type:

Public Park, Variety - Sports

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School Holiday:


All ages


Can be found in Brooklyn on Wythe Ave. between Grand St. and S. 1 St., offers a blend of recreational amenities and historical significance. Named after Willem Kieft's acquisition of the land from the Canarsee people in 1638, the playground serves as a reminder of the area's complex history. It features modern facilities such as basketball courts, handball courts, playgrounds, public restrooms, and spray showers, ensuring visitors have various options for recreational activities. The inclusion of Parks� Historical Signs Project within the park adds an educational dimension, allowing visitors to learn about the land's indigenous history and its transformation over time. With its rich historical context and diverse amenities, William Sheridan Playground stands as a unique destination within Brooklyn, offering both recreational enjoyment and an opportunity for reflection on the area's past.

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